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English and American Studies Institute
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Ildiko Hortobagyi, PhD

Name: HORTOBÁGYI Ildikó, PhD

University Functions: Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of English Linguistics; Head of the Office of External Affairs

Institutional address:

University of Pannonia

Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences

English and American Studies Institute

Department of English Linguistics

(H) 8200 Veszprém

10 Egyetem Str.

Phone: (+36)88 - 62-4977

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Az email cím védve van a spam botoktól, a megtekintéséhez a JavaScript bekapcsolása szükséges

Research interests:

intercultural communication; minorities; media literacy; popular media.


Historical Linguistics;

Present-Day America;

American History, Culture and Civilization;

Minorities in the USA;

Translation and Interpreting;

Lexicology; Terminology;

Intercultural competence and Multilingualism.


Anglo-Saxon Media and Mass Communication;

Sociolinguistics: Languages for Special Purposes;

Translation and Interpreting.

Other areas of interests (hobbies, sports, etc.):

Winter sports: skiing and skating; flying.