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English and American Studies Institute
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Why at the University of Pannonia?

Why choose the University of Pannonia (UP)?

  • Our program repertoire is highly compatible with European Union expectations.
  • The English Studies BA program does not merely enable students to continue their education at MA level but also provides readily usable skills in the job market.
    • A unique feature of the English Studies BA is that students can opt for an “International Professional Communication” specialization if they fulfill the necessary credit requirements. These specializations can create a significant competitive advantage for our BA graduates in the job market.
    • If our BA graduates wish to pursue their studies at MA level they can choose any MA program in Europe (since our BA degrees are recognized all over the European Union).
    • After completing their BA studies our graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies at MA level at the University of Pannonia as well.
    • The teaching staff at the institute and the Faculty are continually striving for the improvement of the existing study programs in the spirit of reconciling the seemingly unbridgeable gap between humanities, social and natural sciences. This quest for holistic harmony has been a hallmark feature of the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences.

What am I going to study here?

  • The English Studies BA program will familiarize students with the overall history, culture, and civilization of the English-speaking nations and peoples.
  • A key feature of the program is the heavy emphasis on language improvement with the aim of reaching advanced level (“C”) proficiency to use English both in speaking and writing.
  • Translation skills.
  • Performing the role of a cultural mediator between Hungary/Hungarian and the target language countries/languages.
  • Ability to function as an organizer or cultural manager in positions (e.g.: at local governments, the mass media or tourism and catering) that require solid background knowledge of English-speaking cultures.

In addition…

  • Our full-time BA students will be able to choose a 50-credit minor.
  • Our single major full-time and correspondence BA students will be able to choose a 30-credit “International Professional Communication” specialization.

Where can I get a job with my BA degree?

  • At educational, scientific, cultural, and governmental institutions, but our BA graduates are generally welcomed in the private sector as well, where proficiency in the English language, background knowledge, excellent communication skills (both in speaking and writing) are usually highly appreciated.

When shall I decide to apply for an MA?

  • One can only apply after graduating from a BA program. The University of Pannonia will issue a supplement to the diploma (“Europass”), which details the completed lectures and seminars by the student and describes the skills acquired. This document enables the holder to apply for an MA program in any European country.