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Topics for Major Paper - Kutatási dolgozat témajavaslatok

Major Paper Topics

BA in English

BÚS, Éva, PhD, chair, associate professor

Literary history: early and early modern English literature

- The Middle Ages

- Renaissance (Elizabethan times)

- Mannerism, Baroque (Jacobean, Caroline times)

- The long eighteenth century (Restoration-1798)

- Romanticism

- Victorian era

(Theoretical approaches, concept building strategies, orientation [to the discussion of the texts from the above ages]:

- Cultural history: outer and inner text space [literary texts as the expression of cultural

impressions]; the text as the model of a culture; text-based [close reading] discussion of

specific cultural transfer]

- The text as a verbal icon; concept and theory of the verbal icon; iconic characteristics of

the text space text contour, inner text space, mimetic relationship between the iconic

components [outer shape + inner form]; iconic traits of the plot structure [muthos] in

lyric, epic and dramatic works; relationship between muthos and dianoia; individual

iconic features in literary texts [iconography, iconology]; organizing images in texts;

skhematic and/or morphetic reading of a text.

- Variants of spatial metaphors, their role in the shaping of the inner form of texts

- Genre theory [investigation of specific iconic characteristic of modes and genres];

mingling of genres; hybrid genres [e.g. lyrical novel, prose verse, lyrical drama,

dramatic monologue].)

CZEGLÉDI, Sándor, PhD, associate professor

American (U.S.)

- identity

- language ideologies

- language rights

- bilingual education

- linguistic imperialism

FORINTOS, Éva, PhD, associate professor

- The contactlinguistic study of the written or spoken language of the Hungarian minority

communities in the (English-speaking) world

- The language use of the Hungarian minority communities in the world in different


HORTOBÁGYI, Ildikó, PhD, chair, associate professor

- Historical linguistics

- Multiculturalism and multilingualism

- Language of diplomacy

- Language of law,

- Language of the American media/journalism

- Translation studies (comparative study of multilingual translations)

- Minority issues in the U.S. education system

- Consuming culture: towards a homogeneous, Americanized culture?

- Shaping global culture: the role of advertisements

- American lifestyles

- Minority issues in the American mass media

- Interpreting and understanding American media

- Language manipulation: tricks of persuasion

- Re-interpreting the American identity

- Multicultural issues in the media

- Comparative study of media texts

- Multiple identities in Monocultural context

MOLNAR, Claudia, native language instructor

- The Art of English and Language Play-how language is manipulated to suit a purpose (advertising, media, politics etc.)

- The Evolution of English-how the English language has changed over time and continues to evolve (including tweets, posts,blogs,chat, sms, US/UK language blends etc)
- English as  a Global Language
- The style of English (The Formalities and Informalities of the language)
- Being a language learner in the 21st century
- British Culture-Explored and Explained

PINTÉR, Márta, PhD, associate professor

- British History

- Contemporary British politics, society and culture

SZABÓ F., Andrea, PhD, senior assistant professor

- Individual Authors in American Literature

- Literature and Gender (British, Canadian, and American authors)

- Gender in Culture

- Gothic Literature

- The Female Gothic

- Popular Culture in the 20th and 21st Centuries (gender and visual culture)

SZENTGYÖRGYI, Szilárd, PhD, associate professo, institute director

- English phonetic phenomena

- Pronunciation problems and errors

- Dialects of English

- Comparative phonological description of English and another language

- Language games, word games, puns, language humour