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 Hotel Magister  starstarstar  

twin room with shower and kitchenette

Price:       4,600 HUF/person/night (2 pers./room);

                6,900 HUF/person/night (1 pers./room)

+Tourism tax: 400 HUF/person/night


Betekints Wellness and Conference Hotel


Standard room for 1 person: EUR 100/ room/night
Standard room for 2 persons EUR 112/ room/night
Superior room for 1 or 2 persons: EUR 120/ room/night
Apartment/Junior Suite for 1 or 2 persons: EUR 144/ room/night
Spare bed: EUR 25 /person/night
+Tourism tax (400 HUF/person/night)

EASA guests can reserve accommodation with the following discounts:

For 1 night: 10%

For 2 nights: 15%

For 3 or more nights: 20%
 Hotel Gizella  starstarstar  

All rooms are double rooms, which you can take as a single.

As single:

--attic room: HUF 14,500/night;

--standard: HUF 16,500/night

--superior: HUF 18,500/night

As double:

--attic room: HUF 18,000/night;

--standard: HUF 20,500/night

--superior: HUF 22,500/night

+Tourism tax (400 HUF/person/night)
 Boutique Hotel Historia Malomkert starstarstarstar    1100m
 Hotel Historia starstarstarstar    550m
 Hotel Jade starstarstar    1400m
 Ezüsthíd Hotel starstarstarstar    1400m
 Oliva Hotel starstarstarstar    650m
 Völgyikút Ház starstarstar    1000m
 Péter Pál Panzió starstarstar    500m
 Két Lotti Panzió starstarstar    450m
 Gyarmati Panzió starstarstar    900m